Any mommies have over due babies?

2 more days until my due date :( I really want to have her right now. Completely miserable. Have any of you mommies gone past your due date?

    I have not, but my sister has almost always gone 40-45 weeks. She had one at 38 weeks and he was only 5 pounds, but perfectly healthy. Baby knows when they are ready and I have realized that induction makes labor worse. I've always gone early, but have always been told baby is too big so was scared into induction of some sort. Now I want to laugh at my previous doctors because I naturally birthed an 8 pound baby who came all on her own (biggest one).
      My little girl was 3 days late and I was not even at a 1 at my 40 week checkup. My water broke during the night and about 15 hours later, she was born! Hang in there! It is all worth it!
        (continuing with the TMI) I always have diarrhea within a few days of going into my body is cleaning itself out getting ready or something..
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