Baby face painting: safe choices

I always just assumed that if someone was painting kids faces, they were using a safe paint. I'm wrong! Check out this article about what they found in kids face paint. CREEPY! I plan on making Charlie's food for as long as I can, so anything I put on his body is just as important. A great recipe for safe face paint is simple unscented body lotion with some natural food colorings.…

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    It's crazy how many things we don't think of and just put on/in/near our babies!!! I found out last year that lots of sunscreen has some pretty toxic chemicals in it. I use the EWA to check now - they have a database of just about every lotion/makeup/everything and rate them on a 1-10 scale of toxicity.
      Meg I agree! I look back at some things from when I was a kid and I'm like.. what the heck was wrong with my parents? lol. We grew up with a pickup. My dad drove, oldest brother next to him, middle brother next to him, then my mom.. and I was on the floor... I SAT ON THE FLOOR! lol forget not having a seat belt I didn't even have a seat!

      And here we are.. buying a new-to-us vehicle because of 2 cars and 4 trucks, nothing is to the standards that we have been taught are safest.
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