Is it possible to make my childbirth completely pain free

Some people claim it is possible to have a pain free natural childbirth. Generally those people have worked very hard practicing techniques to cope with the pain. They also often use self hypnosis. It is not something that works for everyone, even if they work very hard and practice.

Childbirth hurts and that is normal and expected. There are many things you can do to reduce the pain. Pain can be reduced my medications that go in your IV or an epidural. An epidural will take away most of your pain but I wouldn't say it is completely pain free. Pain can also be reduced by using natural techniques.

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      Even with the epidural (and spinals for the second two) my deliveries weren't painless. Some people say it is, and most of them like you said are those that do it all natural and have learned and successfully practice coping methods like hypnobabies. I am very impressed by people that are able to do that as I have never experienced pain quite like contractions!!
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