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So I'm new to this place and me and my husband are trying to get pregnant again. We've been trying since June but nothing so far... It seemed so easy with our last and my 2 older children were surprises to me because I was on birth control (different types each time). Any advice?​

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    hi, Cassiah! Welcome to! I see you have three beautiful kids. I have only one son, and wish to have more. My sister was trying to conceive for 10 years, and now has a 3-years old son. It's hard to find the reason sometimes, it can take even a healthy couple up to a year to conceive. Since you got pregnant before, there is a good chance you’ll get pregnant again. May be your body needs more time to prepare for your next baby. Please, check our 'Moms Expertise" / pregnant section to see other mom's experience.
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        3Cassiah Anderson
        Thank you ladies for responding. A little bit more with my background... I have had ovarian cysts since I first started my period. They are extremely painful and most of the time I don't catch that they're back until they burst. I would throw up and even sometimes pass out due to pain and blood loss. The drs have been surprised that with all the scar tissue i have I've carried 3 children. Rachel my oldest was 2 1/2 months early, Nicole my 2nd was 1 1/2 months early, and Liam the youngest was late. Rachel and Nicole I wasn't trying at all in fact I was on birth control when I got pregnant but when me and Liams dad tried for him we got pregnant almost immediately, but we lost his twin right before the 20 week mark. I hope this helps... I will be happy no matter what, but me and my husband really do want 1 more. I know there are a lot of women struggling with getting pregnant and I'm truly blessed to have the ones I have now.
          Amanda Hurley
          Cassiah, welcome to the group. My best advice for you is to relax. Stressing about getting pregnant is only going to limit you. Have you talked to your doctor? Maybe they have some advice for you as well. Also, I agree with the other ladies who said to surf the site. This topic has been brought up many times.
            3Cassiah Anderson
            I have spoken to my dr but it was when we first decided to try again. Her concern was for the cysts coming back again cause they only seem to be under control when I'm on birth control. Lisa, i track my periods through mymonthlycycles, and track ovulation that way. I've never used my temp or ovulation detectors before. How do you do the temp thing?
              3Cassiah Anderson
              Thank you!!!
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