Avery's Capsule Wardrobe

As promised, I'm sharing Avery's capsule wardrobe that originally discussed in this post:


We actually went shopping last weekend after I'd gone through Avery's closet to see what I already had. With my list in hand we headed out. I always stop at Goodwill and Once Upon a Child first when shopping for Avery. Seriously, how could I pass up clothes for $1.99? Goodwill was a little bit of a bust, but we did find a nice pair of denim shorts that still had the tags on them!

Once Upon a child turned out to be the best choice. We'd already packed up a whole bunch of stuff Avery outgrew and brought that with us. We gave it to the front desk for them to price out while we shopped. I found sooo much cute stuff. Some of it was only 50 cents! I ended up with more then I had on my list, but all together it only cost $20. We went to the counter and they offered us $54 dollars for Avery's old stuff! We walked out of there with basically and entire summer wardrobe for Avery and $34 in cash.

Since we were WAY under budget, LOL, I decided to go to Old Navy and splurge a little. They had a few sales too and I ended up getting a dress, shorts, and a romper for her.

Here is a pick of everything in Avery's Capsule Wardrobe! I'm in the process of crocheting the two cardigans so those pictures are from the online pattern. Also, the accessories are pictures from the carter's website. I don't own them yet but they go with our theme, so maybe I'll try to pick them up someday. Even without them I came up with 35 outfits just from the clothes pictures here and I'll only have to do laundry once a week.

In total this wardrobe cost us $11 with the money we got back from Once Upon a Child. If we hadn't sold Avery's old clothes it would have been about $55. Not bad for an entire summer, huh?

Avery's Capsule Wardrobe
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    Melissa Middleton
    Super cute! I love deals. I wish we had a Once Upon A Child here. I do enjoy the Goodwill though, a vast majority of my wardrobe came from there. :)
      Well done Taylor!!! She is going to look so cute and what an amazing job you have done at saving money!!! It's always a great treat when Once Upon a Child offers enough that you can totally outfit her and even splurge some!
        This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing... I do find however that as they get older it is harder to find things in good condition at goodwiil.
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