Co-Sleeping Question

Hey my co-sleeping mom friends! I have a few questions for you that I've just been curious about. Would you mind filling me in?

1.) How do naps work? Do you take a nap with them? do they sleep in their own bed, or in your bed while they nap?

2.) How does bed time work? Do you all go to bed together? Does that mean you go to sleep early or do they stay up late? If you all crawl into bed later after they go to sleep how do you know they're not going to roll of the bed without you there?

3.) How do you find time for intimacy? Is co-sleeping like really good birth control, LOL?


    I think you for sure need to just play around and figure out what works for your family. For us... here's our answers:

    1. I lay with them in my bed until they fall asleep then get up and leave them sleeping.
    2. I lay with them in my bed until they fall asleep then get up and leave them sleeping. We have a bed rail on the side where Hayden lays (the big kids don't roll out of bed anymore, but we actually just transitioned them to their own shared bed), and we used to just keep the mattresses on the floor. It was only recently that we actually got a bed and she understands not to go off the edge. We sneak out and come back to bed when we are ready. She usually wakes up a little when we come back to bed, but nothing a 2 minute boobie snack doesn't take care of right away.
    3. There are LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of places other than the bedroom where you can get down and dirty ;)
      co-sleeping and bed sharing are different. Co-sleeping is when the child is in the same room as you, but not in the same bed. You're describing bed sharing. :)

      1. My daughter will nap in her swing or in my arms after nursing if she's really tired. Occasionally she'll nap in her crib, but only if she's already asleep elsewhere.

      2. We have a bedtime routine all worked out. I'll take her into my room to nurse her and we'll read or listen to cartoon music (She likes the intros to certain cartoons, but not the actual show lol) until she falls asleep. I'll let her sleep in my bed for about 15-20 min. and then I'll move her to her crib. She wakes up one time during the night, usually between 3-5 am. Once she does that she's in my bed with me until we wake up at 6:00am to nurse again. She'll usually stay asleep during that nursing session and when I get out of bed at 6:45 I let her sleep (in the center) of our bed until I'm ready for work and need to get her ready for her grandma's house.

      3. Intimacy... we're still working on that. bed-sharing is amazing birth control. Especially if Ellsie wakes up earlier than her 3am or if I fall asleep during our routine my husband will sleep on the couch. He worries he'll squash her.

      Good questions!!!!
        8Theresa Gould
        I napped with my babies from our third child on.

        Bedtime we would put them to bed, sometimes falling asleep with them, but usually I got up after they were asleep and did some work. Our mattress has been on the floor for the past three years. We really didn't have an issue with anyone falling out of bed. We did use a guard rail or put pillows on the outside of the bed.

        We found ways to be intimate....eight children here! ;) Our children were sound sleepers.
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