ovulating during your period.

I was going through some old pictures of my kids when they were itty bitty and I came across something that I had totally forgot about, well it took my husband and I 8 months to get pregnant with our 2nd child(: I remember all the problems we had with his due date at first, we went to the doctor for our first u/s which we were all assuming he was 8-10 weeks in the making, and it so happened he was just a little bean meaning he was only 6 weeks in the making, of course we weren't tracking ovulation or anything we were just doin it all the time, so it was expected we wouldn't know exactly when we concived him(: my doctor was a little dumbfounded, since he didnt see me until a little over 3 weeks after we found out (he was pretty booked!)so he wanted to know how far along I was when I got that beautiful positive HPT! (: we discover I was only about 2 weeks along when we got a positive, and I was actually on my period when we concived him, I remember my doctor looking at me at that time and saying WOW! you got pregnant on your last period, that means you ovulate during your period, which would explain your struggles having to concive (: and that was the end of that, but thinking about that now, I never heard of that, and still haven't heard that.

Nikki Hicks
    Wow! I've never heard of that before. I guess that makes sense that you would have difficulties getting pregnant if you only ovulate during your period.
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