feeling scared

Well, I posted earlier that my son isn't walking. He's not really talking. He doesn't wave bye bye. He waves hi though. I was on medication during pregnancy because it was more dangerous to the baby and I if I wasn't on it. There were very few risks of birth defects, but I worry that there may have been long term effects. We are doing an early intervention evaluation on Thursday. He's 14 months old. Anyone in similar circumstances? I got the advice of 3 different doctors.

    Hayden isn't walking or talking and she's not too far behind your son. She waves, but only if we wave furiously for a bit first. She says "uh oh" and "mama" and "dada" I wouldn't be too worried, but I know that's easier said than done. I think it's good that you are having an evaluation, even though they will most likely tell you everything is fine and he just needs some more time. My bet is he suddenly make a giant leap and do everything at once :)
      It sounds like he is only a little bit behind to me. Personally I wouldn't worry. Everyone develops at their own rate. I think it is good that you are being proactive and getting an evaluation though. Good luck!
      My kids didn't walk until 17 and 19 months. But they were taking and saying words and sentences. But then I have friends whose kids were crawling early but were 2 before you could make out a word.
      I think you're awesome for getting on top of this now. Early intervention so u can feel better. And he can get help if he needs.
      So good job mama. Don't worry too much though ;)
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