I seen this on facebook.

A friend of mine reposted this on facebook from a lady in texas.

​Today.. I have faced two very sad situations! The first one ... With my coworker. She received a call from her daycare, saying there had been an accident! She has a beautiful 4 month old little boy!
He's without doubt, the happiest baby ever! They informed her he had been scratched by another child! And she might want to come check him out! Here's what she found! After he'd been cleaned up!

I seen this on facebook.
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      When my daughter was three years old I taught her how to punch. She was getting hit by a kid that was about a month older than her and I knew his parents were aware of it and were trying to get him to stop hitting people. Instead of making a big deal of it I just taught my daughter how to punch. I also taught her that she needed to try to avoid the kid as much as possible. When he went to hit her she needed to tell him no or stop and tell the day care provider that he is hitting her. If he continued after being disciplined by the day care provider than it is a last resort and that there is no hitting above the shoulders or below the waist. She could hit him once than she needed to go to the day care provider and tell her what happened. Not that I wanted her to be a tattle tell but I wanted her to try to work it out with the kid on her own and if that wasn't working than she should say something to the day care provider and let her deal with it. If it continued even after the day care provider had intervened a few times it was okay to hit him once and yell no or stop "I have had enough." The situation resolved it self because the parents of the child who was hitting her pulled their children from that day care because they couldn't afford to keep them there. We pulled our daughter from that day care when I went on maternity leave and we have both of our girls going to a babysitter who is good friends with the mother of the girl my daughter made her first best friend who is starting an in home day care which is where we are going to send both of our girls to once she is able to start. She is waiting to hear back from one family on if they are going to send their children to her. We are still good friends with the parents of the child who was hitting our oldest and he isn't hitting people any more.

      I never know what to believe of the stuff that is on facebook. Just thought it was interesting that the day care provider acted so non-chilant about how bad it was when she called the mother.
        Oh my goodness! I will never send my son to daycare being a sahm is the best decision I ever made. Poor little guy ): When my niece was 7 months her daycare put Vaseline in her hair to cure what they believed was cradle cap.
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