Dressing Baby for the Holidays

Whenever I pick out outfits for Avery my first thought is to comfort and how easy it will be to change her diaper. Generally they'll spend all day in a holiday outfit so it has to be comfortable and durable. It has to fit right and not have to many pieces/part to mess with during diaper changes. You also need to think about the weather so you don't dress them to hot or cold.

Otherwise, just find something cute!

Moms Expertise
    I am famous for getting outfits too big for my kids for holiday outfits. I always buy their clothes a little big so that they fit longer, and I often forget to buy the correct size for holidays!
      8Theresa Gould
      I never actually thought about how I dressed our babies. You make some good points. So often there's too many cute choices and that's what makes it hard!
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