Under arm rash???

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I took my daughter to the doctor two months ago for what looked like a fungal infection in her arm pits. The doctor says it's tinea and prescribes an anti fungal cream. It went away and then came back. Then she says it looks like eczema so she says use aquafor. We bought the ointment and it did go away. But now it's come back again and is no longer responding to the ointment. My mother thinks I should go back to the anti fungal cream, but I'm more concerned with the fact that it keeps coming back. I have told the doctor the rash doesn't seem to be bothering her. It doesn't seem to itch ir burn, and it has no smell. She never complains about it. But it is spreading. I'm not really sure what to think of it. Any suggestions???

    If you aren't already, I would be sure you are cleaning her underarms frequently - after each meal is probably a good way to remind yourself - because it could just be a heat rash or something along those lines. Is it only under her arms??
    I'm not a doctor, but I'm with you - I wouldn't think it was eczema because that would be in other places. The armpits are warm and can be moist which is a great place for a fungus to grow. I said heat rash for pretty much the same reasons.
    My daughter is 7 and gets this every other week it seems. Also sometimes on her panty lines. Where she sweats and chafes.
    Same doctor stuff. Fungal, ecsema. Etc.

    This is what we do. Baking soda soaks in her bath, free and clear soaps. And even still it can happen
    If it itches or at first inflammation we do cortisone cream. It helps and calms it. Then I do vagisil. Or lotrimin.. Both anti fungals... Both sometimes work.

    I have found no solid solution. Sometimes it's worse after a bday party where she had more sugar than normal or when it's hot or she plays hard and sweats. I've found no true cause or allergy. Sorry.

    But I just realize she's got that skin there and I check it every night and try to stay on top of it. Cortisone helps her to prevent it.

    She's 7 and still got some luscious chubs there. It bothers me more than her though. Hang in there ;)
      8Theresa Gould
      Does Clara have any food allergies? Could it be related to something she ate? So many symptoms seem to go back to what we put into our body.
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