Mac or PC?

I'm just curious on your thoughts, are you a Mac person or a PC person?

I decided it was time to get a laptop and wanted something used that wasn't too expensive. I found one on Ebay that was a reasonable price so I jumped on it. It's a Macbook and I have never owned one before.

That said, I have owned other Apple products and found them relatively easy to use. I'm hoping this laptop will be the same!

So, what do you prefer or have experience with? Mac or PC?

    8Theresa Gould
    We have had a PC since we got a the internet in 2000 but I prefer my Mac since getting it a little over two years ago.
      I always resisted macs, until I got an iPhone and then I was hooked. I now have way to many apple devices and I will never go back. I love my macbook!
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