Do you know your child's SSN?

SO I was making an appointment for Mini today and the receptionist asked me for her social. I felt a little embarrassed to admit that I don't know it. Now, if I had time I could look through my paperwork and find her card, but I knew she didn't want to wait on the line while I looked.

Am I the only one that hasn't memorized their kids SSN's? It's like as soon as I look at the card I remember it, but otherwise... nope.

    8Theresa Gould
    No, I always have to look them up and my husband does too for taxes.
      Don't give it to the doctors office. Legally they can not require it. My SSN was stolen by someone at a lab where I gave blood and my daughters was compromised by a doctor who lost a laptop with my daughter info on it.

      The office might get made at you and tell you they need it but they don't. A law was passed in the 90s that protect SSNs and prevented them from being required for medical care. Only your insurance company needs your SSN.

      But back on topic, I do not have them memorized on purpose. I never give them out. I am trying to protect my children's credit.
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