When can my baby climb stairs

When they show an interest in them and start to climb them. If I didn't have time to follow up behind them I just pulled them away from the stairs and sat them with some toys or blocked off the stairs with the pack 'n play or chairs. But I usually followed them up the stairs as they crawled and looked back smiling at me proud of their accomplishment, then I'd make sure they were turned with their back facing out and show them how to come back down by moving their legs back down the stairs. I wanted them to know how to do both! I had one who came down the stairs siting frontwards and it was nerve wrecking to watch. Well, it's always nerve wrecking when they are starting to use the stairs.

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    My youngest daughter has been climbing the stairs for a couple months, she loves them.
      It is ingrained in all human beings to be mobile, you take an infant minutes old and part of his being tested is the natural reflex to walk, they are full of escape from where they are to where they want to be, since this natural ability is said to disappear within two months; I have never known of it being completely gone! Children love their natural ability to be challenged, because they have not developed fear, although I believe that they should be allowed to explore and not completely under the blanket of insulating them from all possible harm, this is not to scare them, but to give them a first hand account of their options without limiting them based upon our own personal fears and inhibitions, we all can agree that risk has it's benefits, so go on encourage them to explore and teach them to be good to themselves by helping them along while they reach those precious milestones!
        Melissa, I like your idea of showing your kid how to go up and down stairs. I like that you give your kid the skills to do both. While all parents who care have good intentions, there could be a time when the kid isn't watched like a hawk and ends up attempting to go down the stairs with no experience, no skills. I once nannied for this family whose mom showed her 4 year old how to "safely" climb the portable house that was in their playroom. The 4 year old was trying to climb up the sides with no success so the mom guided her and helped her go up it and then down it. The mom said simply, "So she knows how to do it without getting hurt." Makes sense.
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