Crowding of teeth and braces

When I was younger I had an issue of not enough room and too many teeth. As you can imagine, this caused a lot of dental work to need to be done. After the baby teeth were pulled that hadn't fallen out from the crowding I spent the next few years in braces. Luckily in the end my teeth were able to be aligned pretty well and I have no lasting dental issues.

Unfortunately, the same thing happened with my daughter. The good thing was the dentist caught on early that it was going to be an issue so she had her work done before the damage was too far gone. She's had braces for a few years now and FINALLY is getting them off soon. It's good that she went through it though as having a misaligned bite can cause all kinds of dental issues as you get older.

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    I had some ortho issues when younger biggest problem was the gap in my teeth... luckily my girls have GREAT teeth... straight and pretty no gap (they have their fathers teeth) unfortunately my son's permanent teeth are coming in much like mine did and he seems to have that lovely gap too... The dentist has not voiced any concerns yet... but I am waiting for the ball to drop and to see how much orthodonture will cost!
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