who has some nifty tips for potty training

what are some of your tricks to getting your children started on the potty, and getting your children to stay in their own beds?

    Hi Cait valenti! The best advice I can give on this is to start helping them learn their body's signals. They usually learn this backwards, strangely enough. Mollie will probably notice she has gone to the bathroom and may start telling you she needs to be changed, or that she has used the bathroom. Praise her for letting you know, telling her she's a big girl and all of that fun stuff. Next she will most likely start to realize when she is going. She may stop what she is doing and look down, or squat to help her push out. When she does this you can say "Oh are you making pee?" or something similar to give her words for what is going on. About that time she's ready for short trips to the potty chair or even letting her to an activity while sitting on the potty like reading a book. Eventually she will notice she has to go before she actually eliminates, which she might tell you she is, or you may notice her hide (not sure why they do this, but lots of kids hide when they know they have to go). That's about the time you want her to start using the potty most of the time. Encouraging this can be done by letting her run around bare bottom or in undies.

    Good luck! It's not that hard but it can be messy.
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