Saline, Tylenol, Ointment...


I am stuck.. do you go ahead and register/buy all these baby "maybe" essentials... tylenol, saline solution, ointment, powder.. all the stuff you MIGHT need from time to time... or do you wait until you NEED it?

Love.. a nervous new Momma to be! :)​

    I always had Tylenol, digital thermometer, diaper cream, baby oil, baby wash with lavender and baby shampoo available. I didn't really use saline solution for my son when he was a baby, I believe it's not very safe for babies. About the baby powder- I use it for myself:), not for my son. You have to be very careful, because your baby can inhale powder particles easily, and it can cause serious lung problems.
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      Amanda Hurley
      I got it all in the beginning. No point it running out at 2 am to go and run to the store.
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