Not a UTI! Strep. In her hoo ha! Whaaaat???

Okay so tmi. But my 7 year old has had some burning and stinging for three days when she went potty. I treated with soaks etc. but my 3 day rule applied and her symptoms seemed like a UTI.
So after her urine test came back normal I was stumped.
The doctor checked her lady bits and saw they were irritated and so she swabbed the area. To find... Strep!!! In her lady parts!!!

I didn't even know that was possible until she said it, I remember getting the test when pregnant so yes, I guess it is. I was still wondering how?? I know strep can manifest any where. But I thought only if it wasn't treated from your original strep throat.

The doctor made a great point... We train out kids to wash their hands after they potty. Yes. Got it down but who knows what's on their hands going in to the potty?

So she said she must have touched a crayon or been sneezed on or touched the swings, got it on her hands, then wiped after going pee pee and boom. There it is.

Crazy right? Anywho. Antibiotics and she feels fine. Ugh.

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