Mean mom!? No social media until they're 18!!

I swear. Ill see how they are by 16.. But I personally think that social media is just a place where kids .. Can be nasty. Yes. I'm aware it's the thing in that age group but I don't care.
I see what it can do to my teenage nieces and friends kids.. I only hear drama about it.. Or how people make terrible comments then are in fights at school. Or girls say mean things. Just to say them.
I don't see any benefits at this age.

You never hear a mom say "well she's had a great experience on FB and her confidence has grown".

Ever. People will say anything without the responsibility of being held accountable. It's not worth it. My kids may be angry about it one day but I don't care.

How do you all feel???

    I understand your sentiments, completely!

    This is how I look at it. It is my job to teach my kids about things like the internet. How to be safe, how to conduct themselves and how to limit their time on social media. I want them to learn those things before they are adults and I pretty much have no say so in how they handle being on the internet. So, yes I do allow it as far as being age appropriate (no FB at nine years old, for example).

    I could try to shield them or I can teach them. But trust me, it's not easy. I've had to be a real hard butt before.
      I figure. Lol. If I tell my kids now at 7 and 9 that they just can't have FB or anything else until
      They're 18 then they have plenty of time to adjust. Lol.

      I'm sure in 10 years there will be something else. But I tell them.. Even at my age.. Moms are getting into it over stupid things.. Mis communicated tones of a comment. It's ridiculous.

      I'm sure I talk a big game today :)
      Dude.. I posted something and then I never went back.. and I get five texts under 3 minutes from a series of friends that ask me if I'm in a "Facebook fight".. I was like.. HUH? what? A what? NO.. .So I log in and sure enough,... my self deprecating joke was taken personally by ONE of my 1024 "friends".. I basically said I was a BAD mom for not having any sports on a sunday for my kids and we scored zero goals and zero home runs.. and my "friend" writes "well excuse us for loving soccer"..

      HUH????? record scratch.. really? I stayed off it.. I let it go.. so ridiculous... I made fun of myself!!!!!!!!! So dumb.. and then all these gaggle of women.. real friends .. lol.. so excited like "fight fight fight"..

      No.. thank you .. not for me.. life is too big for that crap for me.. petty and boring..

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