When to test your child for ADHD?

There is no clear cut list of symptoms that anyone can give you for knowing when to test for ADHD specifically. What most parents end up with is sharing behavioral concerns with the pediatrician. The child may have a hard time focusing, sitting still, having conversations without lots of speaking out of turn.. or you may just have a feeling that the child is struggling but can't pin point the issue exactly.

The very best thing you can do if you have any concerns is to talk to the pediatrician. They can then make an educated guess and either perform testing or refer you to the proper person for it.

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    Interestingly, I was talking to my daughters counselor about this today (yes, Mini still goes to a counselor periodically to check in). I was telling her about how I felt that the delay in diagnosis might have caused us not to be able to get her help that would have been beneficial at a young age. She nodded and said "That's true. But it would have been worse had she ended up with a diagnosis that was wrong."

    That's so true.

    Mini was first diagnosed as Learning Disabled NOS based on her testing in second grade. She didn't get the ADHD diagnosis until fifth grade, but she still had services in school with the LD NOS diagnosis. It's not really the diagnosis that is important, it's learning what your child needs and getting them help for it. The difference between someone diagnosable and someone who isn't is that the person who ends up with a label will always have it, which isn't a terrible thing. It just means that's part of who they are, not just part of a set of behaviors that are concerning.
      The pediatrician will help. Sometimes I think my son has ADHD... with some things... but he can sit still and focus in school and when in public... he just gets antsy at home! I think as mothers sometimes we over diagnose so getting an outside opinion really helps!
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