What did you crave during pregnancy?

During my pregnancy with Lucas, I craved everything sweet! Occasionally, I'd wanted something salty, but most of all sweets haha. I can't even count how many Frosty's I had the last two weeks of pregnancy. I feel bad for my boyfriend; some days I'd have 2 a day!!! I just needed them so bad haha. I'm hoping I crave something a little healthier with my next pregnancy. :D

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      haha! Umm I LOVE chocolate frostys!!! Did you know, where I live is the HEADQUARTERS for Wendy's :) hehe In fact, about 4-5 miles from our house is the first ever Wendy's! Woo! hehe Okay, onto the question at hand.. I never had cravings really the whole time I was pregnant.. except when the last month came along.. suddenly, halos (those small oranges) and altoids were like crack to me - it was out of control haha
        I craved whole peperocinni's stuffed with fresh grated parmesean cheese...and yes it had to be fresh grated!
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