So I have been feeling down... I REALLY have baby fever bad. I try everything to cheer up! I know we want to wait until we have our own place, Kai is in school, and we feel stable enough. I just really haven't been feeling that happy about it and I don't want my bf to feel like I am saying I want one. I do in a way, but I want to wait until after Kai starts school next august.

    If you want one, own it.. say it out loud, bring your sense of humor about it.. THEN you won't feel sso heavy and bad about it.. Say it out loud, .. "i smell baby!!" and then laugh.. it's okay to want one and it's okay to know it's not time yet.. but hiding it or trying to hide it or try and fake yourself out is making you down.. not the actual baby fever.. Own it.. know it's not the time and you will wait.. but it's okay to be excited..
    I am, my boyfriend said that earlier. But my whole thing is we can't just let it happen. I feel guilty bc I know if we were to let it happen naturally we would lose the baby and possibly both of us. We HAVE to plan it, I have been on birthcontrol since we had Kai, and we need to know when we are planning to have another, so we can decide when to go off of it, and when to get the tests, and when to have all that done. I know now isn't the time, I want Kai to be in school and for us to have our apartment; AT LEAST.
      I know the feeling! But just enjoy the time you can right now with your little one... times passes too quickly to forget these days we have...a second will come along soon enough!
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