Be honest moms...

...what did you want your first baby to be? I know I know, we all love our babies no matter what! As long as it's human and healthy! Of course I love my boy, but honestly, we did want a girl first. David has a daughter (my future step daughter) and we though it'd be nice to give her a sister first, but she got a brother! We love our kids to pieces (OF COURSE!!) but now we really want baby number 2 to be a girl even more! haha. :)

How about you?

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      I wanted a girl.. and I cried when I found out it was a boy.. for a day. then I got excited.. and I needed to mourn that "girl" idea.. in my head.. We had my step son too.. who was 4 and I wanted a girl for my husband at the time so that he could go through something new with me.. but it's okay to want a certain gender .. and it's okay to mourn for that ideal you had.. then rally up for your actual baby..

      THEN i got a girl the second time.. I feel so lucky.. one of each ;) and now I'm done!!
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