Secret or not?

Did you tell people your baby's name before they were born or keep it to yourself? I was really impressed with my husband and I. We told no one the baby's name until he was born. Which is more surprising because when it was just us we would use his name in conversation.

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      I did ONE time and my friend says, "eew... no.. they will call him 'mad'".. and I wanted to punch her in the face.. so, no.. no one had anything nice to say when I watched other friends tell people and their family..

      Names are so personal and everyone knows someone that had that name that was gross or ugly or mean.. or it rhymes with something..

      So. no.. lol
        We kept her name secret. We had two names picked out, one that we liked more. We wanted to make sure the name fit her once we got to meet her! We still have our other name in case we have another girl someday!
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