Eating like no one is watching..

Okay.. If anyone had a hidden camera and saw me eat my taco just now.. I swear I wouldn't have any friends...

My kids were swimming late and I got dinner started late.. and I'm all weird about my routine.. so I was doing dinner dishes WHILE I ate my taco... and I was disgusting.. I was STARVING.. ok.. hungry.. really hungry and I was taking big bites and then chewing while I scrubbed dishes and put lunch boxes away and a piece of cheese fell OUT of my mouth onto the floor.. and then sour cream was on my lip.. and then I took another bite and a piece of lettuce dangled and I'm humming that STUPID happy song that has been stuck in my head since February and doing dishes and I'm in the zone man.. kids having tv dinner picnic night like we do every taco Tuesday and then I look over and my son is staring at me.. with a concerned look on his face and I kind of stop.. realizing I'm totally caught and he says, "Um... manners mom?".. leaves his dishes and walks away like he just so me so gross.. lol..

and then I realized what a piglet I was being and i don't care cause the taco was delish!!!!

    Carry on, carry on! I love it!
      This is a wonderful illustration! You go girl...enjoy that taco! No worries enjoy what you can when you can we only live once!
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