C'mon! Drop the "perfect" look moms.. Be real. It's OKAY to hate it sometimes!!

I'm so over the moms that act and seem like they have it all together.. their over scheduled kids that are mostly jerks and their talk about their dinner engagements and how their daughter is reading at 12th grade level in 2nd grade and that their son is just a natural at the guitar.

PUH LEEZE... I know you better than that. I know that if you're flaunting it.. you AINT got it.. This ain't my first rodeo ...

Maybe they do have it all figured out and their lives are filled with joy in their perfection.. so props.. But I know better.. I know these moms pretty well now after seeing them at school for five years and I've been raising kids for 13 years plus (nieces and step son).. I've seen behind some of these prefect curtains..

And I think it's so Uninteresting.. parenting is messy and scary and difficult and challenging and exhausting and awesome and wonderful and beautiful.. can't we all just embrace that?

Live truthfully mama's.. ! Find your people and your friends and it's okay to hate it sometimes.. it's okay to cry in the bathroom sometimes..

I find that the moms that do this.. and admit it.. are the ones that are the most loving and kind and fun moms with the best kids..

    THANK YOU! Oh my goodness, I don't mean to bash anyone and she's not on this site (yet!) but a friend of mine has a son exactly 2 months younger than Lucas and is saying how he's starting to walk, talk, teething, crawling....all this stuff that it's pretty impossible for just a 6 month old to do!! She acts so proud that her baby is 'advance' and I'm just sitting here like "STOP IT YOU'RE PUSHING HIM TOO HARD AND I KNOW HE CAN'T BE TALKING!!!!" Oy. I needed to get that out.
      uhm...but I am perfect! Haha no I am far from it. Only insecure people flaunt their "perfection" I am happily one big mess and secure in that :-)
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