Letting you kids sleep naked..?

Personally, if it's hot, I'll sleep naked, why not let my kids do the same? If they're potty trained, then I really have no problem with it. I mean, we live in Arizona for crying out loud! It gets super hot! When they're not potty trained, maybe just a diaper or pull up, whatever they're wearing at the time; I'm not dealing with a huge mess! But I do it sometimes, so I'd let them do it too lol. :)

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    Unfortunately I am not an advocate of nakedness... maybe sleeping in underwear for my son or a t-shirt and undies for my daughters but no nakedness. i am just an advocate of modesty and sleeping naked is just not my cup of tea!
      4Maren West
      I sleep naked too ever since I was 8, and my husband too. All 4 of our kids sleep naked, because live in Miami is hot and sticky, being naked around the home Is totally ok too.
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