Waiting until morning...

The hospital here in town has an awful emergency department. In considering driving down to another emergency room which is an hour and a half away. They said that they found a hemorrhagic cyst on my left ovary. This is weird because I just had all of my cysts removed and fluid drained in late December. But they said that's probably why I'm in so much pain.

They didn't do a quantative hcg, only qualitative. Meaning it was positive or negative but no measure of levels. My white blood cell count is back up I 12. For some reason I always have a highish white count.

So they told me I wasn't pregnant. And to follow up with my doctor. Who can't see me until may 30. I'm not satisfied with those responses and plan to go out of town to get some answers. I don't know for sure.

But, even through all of that, I'm wrecked. I was so happy and so excited just to be told tht it was gone. Prayers are always welcome.

    Good luck on the second opinion! I too would seek greater advice! .. I am not an expert on cysts but they can return can't they...even if you have them removed?
    Yes, they absolutely can reappear but the doctor in the Ed made it sound like it was rather large and this time it's filled with blood instead of just fluid. The issue I'm having is that I had three positive home tests. On different days that all said negative. How does that even happen?? No one at the hospital could answer that question.
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