Temper Tantrums?

so as most of you know my son is 1, and he throws horrible tantrums! how do i get this to stop. sometimes he does it for no reason. he will just be sitting there and have a fit.​

    I don't know if it would be as effective with a 1 year old as it is with a 3 year old probably not but its worth a shot. We use what we call the whining chair. If she feels the need to throw a temper tantrum or whine then she gets told to please go have a seat in the whining chair until she is either done having a fit or wants to tell us whats wrong (that's where it probably won't work for you). Now if she feels upset or angry sometimes we will walk in the living room to find her in her whining chair waiting for me or her dad to come ask her why she is upset.
      Amanda Hurley
      I used to put my kids in a safe room all by themselves and let them scream it out.
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