Little one has to see a speech therapist

Finally got the report that my little one has to see a speech therapist. I think I will try and see what more I can do from home before doing that. I did find some more resources online that I can try and see if those will do better for her.

Some of the ones I found are they have programs and games that focus on phonics and one she has been doing really good with is she loves the cartoons, and I can see a difference with her speech.

The only problem we have is we don't have a PC specifically for the kids so they would use either my laptop or my husband's laptop. My mom has a laptop she doesn't use anymore so I will see if she would let me borrow it for a while.

Her brother has a speech delay but when he started going to Kindergarten I noticed his speech improved dramatically. Does anyone else have any resources that have worked for them?

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