Dealing with sciatica during pregnancy

I usually suffered from a bad case of sciatica in my third trimester of my pregnancies. For some reason my babies sat on my sciatic in just the right way that I felt crippled up after sitting or being in bed over night. It was so bad at times I literally could not stand to walk, I had to crawl and going to the bathroom was some piece of work! Oy and ouchie.

If I remember correctly there wasn't much the doctor could do for me for sciatica except rest and lying on one side.

Others suggest heat or cold compresses to see what works best.

Still others say a chiropractor visit may be of help, which I never did during pregnancy and know that some chiropractors specialize in treating pregnant women.

I read while looking up more info on sciatica that there is a pregnancy girdle can be of assistance, but had never heard that before. I did wear a maternity belt in some of my pregnancies but not because of my sciatic, but because of heaviness in my womb and the belt relieved that pressure.

I could never have managed it, except maybe swimming, but some indicate stretches or pelvic tilts may also take some of the pressure off do some pelvic tilts.

A massage would have been heavenly even though it probably would hurt.

Have you suffered through sciatica in any of your pregnancies? What helped you?

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    8Theresa Gould
    Sounds pretty similar to my sciatic, Mandi. Glad you only had your pain for a couple of days and not a whole trimester!
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