Putting Halloween Away.. Post Holiday Blues...

There is nothing more depressing than packing a holiday away for another year... there's also nothing sadder than a jack-olantern in the sun on November 3rd.

I LOVE getting ready for holidays.. even Halloween, which is my least favorite.. I love doing it all up for my kids, but then the clean up happens.. like picking up a bunch of red solo cups after a party the night before.. so... sad... lol..

I'm just glad that the winter season is coming and it's okay to leave the lights out and still be festive.. But, I can't help feeling a little sad already for January 2nd.. to pack of Christmas.. Boo hoo..

Anyone else deal with the post Holiday blues?​

    Amanda Hurley
    I have problems with the blues for Christmas, but partly because that was a rough month when I was younger. We went into foster care the last day of school before Christmas vacation.
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