Baby update

Today my little guy is two weeks old. It's gonna by pretty fast. Today he has his two week appointment. Everything has been going really good, I was definitely blessed with a good baby. With the exception of last night he lets me sleep for at least 5 hours every night. He only gets up twice at night and once in the morning around 7 or 8. He hardly cries, only when he is hungry (duh) and only sometimes if his dirty diaper needs to be changed.

My mom has been here for a week and still got another one! My dad and my sister left on Saturday which was hard.

Abel's health is great! His last appointment went great. His jaundice levels were back down and he checked out good for everything else:) He was 7lbs 1oz the last time so we will see where he is at today.

His umbilical cord has been fun... I can't wait till that thing falls off!! It's hanging by a thread so I am hoping his doctor today can put some of that silver stuff on it to have it fall off. I can't wait to get my little bug in a REAL bath!! That cord has been stinky lol.. His circumcision healed amazing and it's been nice not having to put vaseline on it anymore lol. It's the little things like that and having to fold the diaper down every time that make it difficult at times.

Sorry it has been so long since and update.

As for me, I am healing great! My incision looks really good and I am feeling better. I am no longer relying on meds to ease the pain. At least not the "hard" stuff. Just motron. My doctor still doesn't want me driving because not being able to wear a seat belt but thats OK. I go in for my six week postpartum appt on the 28th to get checked on and also to get my IUD.

I hope all you ladies are doing good. Again, I apologize for not being on as often to update. Happy Hump day.

    Thank you all!! I always look forward to coming on and hearing from all of you.

    I also should have mentioned my husband lol. He went back to work Monday night which was rough. I get emotional and sometimes angry now that he sleeps during the first part of the day and when he is at work at night I am on my own with the baby. But I know it will get easier for me and I know I will get the hang of it without him. He is doing so well and is so good with Abel. He helps as much as he can when he is home! And for that I am thankful for:)
      I hear ya Taylor Orozco. Charlie's dad took a week off, I thought I would want more but by the end of the first week I was just like.. stop fussing over me and go to work! haha. And yes, it is tough to be with little man alone all the time. When the bf gets home I can finally take a shower, play with the dogs, work on my scrap book, etc.. but.. there's no other place I'd rather be than here with my little starfish. Enjoy mama!
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