"What to expect when you're expecting."

Did anyone actually read this book the first time around? I'll admit to buying the book from a lady for $5.00 when I was already five months pregnant. I browsed through those first few chapters and maybe read one more month ahead and then just stopped.

I never read any other pregnancy books or "how to" baby manuals either, but I received a pretty neat one directed towards dads at my baby shower.

Just curious if anyone was die hard about reading the pregnancy books, or if they were like me in thinking it's a learn as you go experience?

    I was addicted to that book, lol. I found it super helpful to understand things about my pregnancy with my oldest child. That was a difficult pregnancy though so I was on edge with every single thing and knowing that something was normal for pregnancy helped me stay calm.

    I personally liked "The Baby Book" by Dr William Sears the best though. It helped me shape my own thoughts about parenting while I was pregnant even though I didn't follow everything in those books. I partially attribute that book to my decision to breast feed, though.
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