I was lucky. Ish...

I had an easy, happy, pregnancy that I joyfully ATE my way through.. the only issue I had was high BP... but I kept eating my ice cream anyway and I loved being pregnant and couldn't imagine anyone having a tough time...

THEN... I got pregnant with my daughter and everything that could happen, did... From every ailment to failing all the tests... just enough to cause worry and concern and re-tests... I had puffy legs and veracose veins and migraines...But had a healthy perfect pink fat baby in the end...

But I was done after that...

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    8Theresa Gould
    It's amazing how different pregnancies can be. I had it pretty good for my first five (I've been asked if that's why I had so many children because I had easy pregnancies), but the last three were not as easy, but still very good compared to other women, like your story. Don't hate me though. ;)
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