PTA fundraising ideas, which ones work?

I've had kids in school for many years now and I have seen all types of fundraisers. I can tell you that the "order catalog" type just do not work. People see you coming at them with that catalogue and you see them internally groan.

What seems to be successful are the $1 candy bar sales, bake sales, family fun nights and yard sales. People want to get something out of it, instead of feeling like they spent $18 for Christmas paper that isn't all that great.

Moms Expertise
    Ugh. Don't get me started. Every year they do this wrapping paper sale. Supposed to be this big one and you can buy wrapping paper, boxes, gift bags etc.

    I hate it. It's all soooo ugly and awful and then my kids tell me I have to buy $50 to get them some cheesy plastic bear. No. Way.

    I'd rather give cash. I get mad at this.

    I think they'd do better with a sky mall type catalogue. Everything in it from stationary to candy to clothing ...
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