baby names

okay so i was thinking about it and i know names for if i have a girl and another boy. but what if i have two girls? (cuz twins in the family) (Todd is the last name)
BOY 1: Kado Roy
BOY 2: Keith Dean (if twin boys this name will be split with middle names: Ivan and Quincy)
GIRL 1: Fayte Marie
GIRL 2: Emery Rose

lol i like to plan XD

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          8Theresa Gould
          I always enjoyed playing around with name combinations. Those are great names.
          Kado felt right. while his middle name is Roy after my grandpa.
          Fayte felt right too. Marie is my middle name, my moms and her aunts (deceased) middle name.
          Keith is Garys dads name (deceased) Dean is my dads name.
          rose is my sisters middle name.

          when i say "felt right" when planning kados name gary and i decided fayte and Kado sounded like they were already part of our family and pulled at our heartstrings.
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