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So, Urijah turns 1 week old today! He's a huge blessing and brings so much joy to our family!
The last few days have been pretty rough on us. He's been extremely fussy!! Mainly in the wee hours of the night, but today it took 4 hours to get him to calm down after his noon feeding. I think it's a gas issue. We went to his 1 week check up and he's doing great. He even gained his birth weight back in 6 days! The dr thought it was probably me over feeding him, which was causing the gas pain. I also saw a lactation consultant, she thought I was over producing milk and over feeding, which was causing the gas. Have any of you dealt with a similar issue? Any advice on how to help a gassy baby? Breaks my heart to see him in pain :/

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    8Theresa Gould
    Is he gassy because your let down is strong? Could you try expressing milk first and then feeding Urijah? If it's your let down, is he popping off and gulping? Mine would do that when my letdown was strong. Perhaps burping him more often or using your finger to break suction so he can catch up on swallowing milk instead of gulping?

    I've never heard of overfeeding a nursing baby. Interesting.
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    8Theresa Gould
    He's aggravated because he's hungry and wants to eat. Burping him more often will help him, if he's getting too much milk at one time.
      Try eliminating dairy from your diet, it should help the gassy. Other common problems are tomatoes and greens. Babies listen to their tummies and only eat when they are hungry so as long as you are going by his cues, you aren't nursing too much. They are supposed to eat all the time. My son had reflux and dairy intolerances. He was put on zantac (well, the off brand..ranitidine I think) and was a different baby as long as I stayed away from dairy. If you have a really strong let down, lean back in the rocking chair or lay down with him on top of you to nurse. He can keep up with the let down that way. If you choose the elimination diet way, it will take 2-4 weeks to get it completely out of both your systems. My son showed improvement with a few weeks once we figured out the cause. Your body will even out milk production by 9 weeks usually, I haven't heard of a mom who isn't engorged for the first few weeks at least.
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