What were the things you hate(d) the most about being pregnant and what were the things you like(d) the most about being pregnant? ​

    8Theresa Gould
    I hated my sciatica pain and discomfort but I loved the joy of carrying around another human being.
      Amanda Hurley
      I hate the pain and nausea. I love feeling the baby move around and knowing that I am carrying a life.
        To answer my own question...

        Hated: morning sickness, the pain in the hips and knees, sciatica, being told I couldn't do things just because I was pregnant even though doctors never said anything, feet and ankles swelling, acid reflux, general discomfort. having so many dr appointments all the time and having to pee in a cup at every appointment, second baby rubbing her feet on my bottom two ribs

        Loved: hearing baby's heartbeat at appointments, ultrasounds, feeling baby move, full body massages, being able to hold baby for the first time.
        Yeah. The insane flexibility can be a bad thing in winter. Slipping on ice you can land in some rather weird ways. My main problem with the extra flexibility was that if I sat in a position too long (longer than about 5-10 minutes) my legs would go to sleep and I would be numb from the ass down. I found that I had heightened sense of touch when I was pregnant so the pins and needles in the legs actually hurt instead of being a nuisance like normal. My husbands hands felt like fire on my skin most of the time especially during the second pregnancy because his hands are really warm unless he has been outside in the cold or messing with something cold.
        It isn't a bad thing that you weren't fond of being pregnant. Just means you are not likely to have another child. A doting hubby is a good thing. Hope he is still as doting on you and baby as he was when you were pregnant.
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