How to tell if a dog is pregnant

I've never had a dog that was pregnant but after having cows and cats, I am sure an absence of heat cycle is an indicator as well as a pregnancy test by a vet. I don't know if they have home tests for dogs but I learned there are blood tests (a prick under the tail) and milk test that can be used on cows. We are going to try a milk test on Miss Moo once I order it.

There I go again with my cow talk....(wry smile)

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    My dog became a bit more calm and protective of people and territorial of toys and things in the house in the early stage of her pregnancy. She also had to go to the bathroom more often and seemed a bit overheated at times even if it was a cool temp. Definitely noticed an increase in eating and drinking as well. Don't know if this helps at all but I hope it does! :)
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