My Notes from when I was pregnant

July 19th, 2013

•Today I am 36 weeks pregnant with my first child (Benjamin). This has been a great journey of learning about my body and my sons’ development.

First Trimester-

ITCHY breasts! OMG! I couldn’t believe how itchy they were :( Lanolin helped the itch, unfortunately it caused acne wich took months to clear up.

I personally LOVE spicy foods. From day one of becoming pregnant, I KNEW something was up when nothing spicy would stay in my system. Foods that I loved to eat, I now avoid because my son doesn’t like it.

My coffee that I drank every morning for breakfast (flavored goodness, I call it) Now made me feel nausious :(

I am also very tired EVERY DAY. I try to take naps.

I am also VERY sensitive to peoples comments and my hormones are on a MAJOR high. I cry A LOT!

2nd Trimester-

Started sleeping on my right side (usually had slept on my back or stomach)

BATHROOM (need I say more)

My left Left ankle started cramping at night something fierce and I would ask my husband to rub my ankle, wich helped a little.

Coffee back on! :)

My son decided he doesn’t like Steak or Hamburgers from sit down restaurants (fast food is ok)

I still get tired and Nap occasionally (but not everyday, like the 1st trimester)

I still cry, but now I'm finding peoples comments just tick me off. I get EASILY frustrated by people.

3rd Trimester-

.BATHROOM! (sometimes 3 time a night with VERY LITTLE warning!)

I am now taking Tylonel (which the advice nurse said is fine) for the swollen ankle and back pain at night.

Now instead of being annoyed by people, I find their comments humorous. I still cry, but not as often.

Even though some of these symptoms were/are annoying, I wouldnt trade them for anything!

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    8Theresa Gould
    I haven't read through my notes from when I journalled while pregnant in a long time. I should! Thanks for sharing.
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