Awful Storms

We had massive thunderstorms all last night...deafening thunder, lightning that made it look like daylight. There were times the lightning just kept flashing over and over and over and over, while we couldn't see outside through the rain....the parking lot was flooded, we had tornado warnings, flash flood warnings, and notices via phone to keep inside and take shelter. We're still told to stay off the roads today...there've been lots of accidents, damage, and deaths today and last night...I'm hoping the storms are done, it was terrifying all night! Power went out around 8 pm, and stayed out until 7ish am. Nina slept with us in our bed, unhappy and hot because the AC wouldn't turn on due to power outage...she got to sleep around midnight finally, and we still couldnt sleep until an hour later when i transferred her to her crib. It was still too hot, and the storm still was going hard outside. We heard hail, sirens, police cars and ambulances and fire trucks. I've seen news reports all day long about the damage and deaths, many in our county, too... I hope you ladies were ok last night!

    8Theresa Gould
    I heard a little about the weather Florida experienced from friends on Facebook. Glad you are ok. We have only been having rain this week, though it is tornado season too but so far so good.
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