Don't know if this helped induce my labor but...

Well the ways I helped induce labor were sex and walking up an incline. I was having braxton hicks on and off for days and going nuts so I did all I could to get that baby to come on out!

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    8Theresa Gould
    At the end I think we are all willing to try everything and most anything just to get things started.
      Dulcinea Hubbard
      I had to induce labor with both of my kids, there is a restaurant name Caioti pizza café they have a dressing they put on the salad that induces labor. I don't know that they have in N. Carolina but you can check it out the website is they are know by the "Maternity"
        Dulcinea Hubbard
        yes I did, for both of my last kids . I eat the salad at six o'clock that day and went into labor at 3 am.
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