Going Green

​Make the switch to healthier/nontoxic, more affordable products that you already shop for anyway!!

Plus when you first sign up you get $100 free products!! the only "catch" is that you have to place an order every month. but you would buy these products anyway so really its no catch at all.

(toothpaste, cleaning supplies, vitamins, makeup, workout supplements, etc) there is also a yearly membership fee like Costco has... I have $1 memberships for the month of November, which doesn't happen very often.

Other products include: Yummy tasting Omega 3's
Laundry Detergents
Better-for-your-baby/children Body wash and shampoo
cleaners for your home that will not hurt your child if they get into them

All products are guaranteed or you get your money back!


Ask me about it, I will tell you anything!!

    8Theresa Gould
    Yes, I've been going green for a few years and through some trial and error have found products I like and can use on my children.
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