Desperate for Work..

does any moms out there know of any stay at home jobs that are legitimate?

    Dulcinea Hubbard
    Hi yes I do, I work from home. The company has been around for 22 years , they have been in Good Morning American and 60 minutes. A+ BBB and are partner with the FBI. They have credentials and are very legit. check it out it may be something you are looking for. The website is
      8Theresa Gould
      Hi and welcome! Congratulations on your son's birth seven months ago and on your new pregnancy! We have had lots of discussions on this topic. You might like to check them out at this link or the link Lis shared:
        4Ariel LaCoste
        medical transcriptioning. You have to take online classes but you finish in a year and can work from home
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        Annemarie, I am married to my wonderful husband (2012) and we had our son Ryder James (2013) and expecting our next baby either the very end of December 2014 or beginning of 2015. my husband is awaiting his disability trial, and I am unemployed. :/
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