How to help a lost child looking for their parents

This is why it is so important to teach our children our real names, address and phone number(s) so if someone finds them and asks they can tell them...because this is the first thing I'd ask a child. It's probably best to call the police and have them take care of the child and situation as you never know what you may be getting involved with and they are capable of handling these kinds of situations.

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    Excellent, advice, but if your child find him or herself in a situation where it may be a bit of a challenge to locate those people that are easily identifiable as helpers (a police officer, familiar face, etc..) you may have to reinforce them about safety keep in mind that you do not want to frighten the child but to train them to get to help the best way that they can, and this may cause them to have to be taught to stay at a designated spot until they are reunited with you, and this can be difficult as well. from a past experience with my own son another parent was used to rescue him for me. !THANKS BE UNTO GOD!
      Amanda Hurley
      I would call the police. I would not want to be accused of kidnapping. if you take it upon yourself to help find the parents, they may accuse you of kidapping.
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