Baby Blues or Post Partum Depression

When do you recognize the difference?

Personally I've struggled off and on with depression. Unfortunately the anxiety attacks that I had three years ago are coming back. I wish it was easier than "planned." I will try my best to keep as active as possible. I got over whelmed with school and took a trip to visit friends and family. We stayed a week - It was such a relief and I felt amazing to get a breather. Coming back... not so much. The house was clean and laundry was done. I started catching up with home work and next thing I know... I feel like I woke up to the house was back to being hit by a toddler (two) tornadoes and there was no getting it clean. With my husbands job and trying to go to school full time, while trying to make a little extra money for diapers or shampoo... I don't want to give up on a dream that I have shrived for my entire life. One day I'll see results, for now I will continue to look at for the light in the dark.

Baby Blues or Post Partum Depression
Danielle KeltnerColumbia, Kentucky
    Anxiety and depression can go hand in hand. I found that medication can help these subside... have you spoken to your doctor? Maybe he can prescribe something to help!
      Danielle Keltner
      Thank you all. I went to the doctor right after I wrote this post.
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