Reasons for trying to conceive a boy for me

I've never specifically tried to conceive one gender over another, but I do have some info on how to (SLIGHTLY) alter the chances that I'll post in the next couple days. Maybe I'll use those methods in the future, but right now I'm down for just ANY baby, lol.

When I've been pregnant though, both my husband and I have hoped for a boy. Not that I'd be upset if I had a girl, I just think boy is more in both of our comfort zone.

My husband is definitely a guy's guy in a lot of ways... Albeit, not too. He's not a fan of beer or sports... But, he likes the mud and anything with an engine. He's learning how to be a blacksmith. He does pullups before he enters the bathroom. Loves guns, violent movies, video games, you know.. “Guy stuff.”

I think he wants a little boy that he can share all these things with... Of course, there's a chance that we'll have a girl into that stuff, a pretty high one really between the two of us...I think he wants a son. He wants somebody to have 'man' talks with. He wants to be able to rough house and nerf and have lots of energy and be silly crazy. And... I imagine someone to make sound effects with, lol.

I don't know how to raise a girl. (Not, let's be honest, that I really know how to raise a boy... but less so a girl) Obviously not all girls are pink glitter and bubble gum and barbie dolls. But, some are... And what on Earth do I do in that situation?

I was a tomboy... I liked digging crawdad's out from under rocks in the muddy creek, and riding my bike through mud puddles and fishing. You know those little battery cars that little kids have? My parents tried to get me to buy the Barbie one.. Wasn't having that. I wanted the green 'military' one, lol. I liked digging in the dirt and playing with bugs and building computers. “Boy” stuff comes naturally to me.

I was once at a party where a lady wanted me to retie her bow in her hair. I asked, “Do I just tie it like a shoe?” She looked at me like I was an idiot and told me no. I donno how to do that noise unless I YouTube it, haha.

I think my husband and I would like to have a kid who might share some of our interests so we have more to offer them... Then again, pushing the boundaries and getting out of our comfort zones might not be a bad plan either.

Like I said, I'll take what I can get, lol.

What about you?
Did you have a preference for your first baby?
Subsequent ones?
Did you actively TRY to have one gender or another?

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    I never had a preference for a gender... I always thought my first would be a boy though...not sure why because it was a girl.
      I wanted a girl first. I wouldn't mind having another someday but I don't have a preference if its a boy or girl they will be loved!
        I've always wanted a baby boy first to protect his little sister. At my age I wasn't picky. I was thrilled when we found out we were having a girl. Next time around, I'd like a boy but would be completely okay with another girl. I would love to have at least one of each.

        Erik wanted fraternal twins and said he had an information packet about how to conceive twins naturally by the "right" sexual positions. I've never heard of such a thing...
          I never had a preference. I just wanted a baby.

          Although you think you may be uncomfortable raising a daughter, if you were to have one, you would be surprised at how well you would handle it. A lot of parenting is not what the books say but what you feel in your heart that needs to be done. I can assure you that you and your husband would be head over heels the first time you looked into that little girls eyes! She would probably teach you both a few things in the process too. You and he may know a lot more about raising a girl than you realize. All it takes is love.
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