You can get pregnant before ever having a period, right?

Pregnancy absolutely can happen before you ever have your first period! While it's true to the best of my knowledge that once you start having periods you have begun ovulating and thus your monthly 'cycle,' one has to keep in mind that ovulation comes before menstruation.

All it takes is ONE egg and ONE sperm to make a baby (and some good body conditions help, but that's a different story.) So, while it would be unlikely to get pregnant before you ever start your period, it is totally possible.

Now I would like to think that if you've not started having periods, you're probably not having sex.. But we live in a crazy culture for one, and for two... Some gals don't start their periods 'til mid to late teens when a lot of people have already lost their virginity.

My husband knows someone in the military who at the time was 23 and had a 10-year-old son... Biological son. And I knew girls in high school who were pregnant at 14. I think we even have a couple moms here who were raised by very young mothers, and others who have been very young mothers themselves... So, by far, it's not unheard of to get pregnant young, even around the age that some girls are just starting their periods.

I'm sure you all know this, but I'll just run through it one more time in case there's a gal out there searching for this info.

There are several phases to the menstrual cycle where your hormones fluctuate and your body prepares to possibly become pregnant. Usually, most women ovulate near the middle of their cycle.. (A cycle being from the first day of one period to the first day of the next period.)
Now, if you've never started your period, you don't know where you MIGHT be in your cycle if it is beginning.
Your uterus lining could be thickening, your ovaries might release an egg which will travel down your fallopian tube and possibly meet with a sperm from your partner.
Now, if there is no sperm to fertilize the egg, it won't implant into the lining of your uterus which will later shed and become your monthly(ish) menstrual period- when you bleed.

However, you have to keep in mind that sperm can live inside your for days and days in the right conditions and might be waiting to fertilize the egg. Now, I imagine if you're not yet having your period, you're probably not using any methods of ovulation prediction- whether OPKs (Ovulation predictor kits) or basal body temperature or any other method. (Maybe if you're in your later teens...)

Anyway, if the sperm does meet the egg, that will burrow into your uterus lining, change your hormones, and stop your period from happening because you will be pregnant.

So, even if you haven't started your period for the first time, you can still get pregnant because ovulation comes first.

Safety and forethought first! This goes for anyone really, but especially very, very young ladies.

If anyone has anything to add or if I'm wrong about anything here, let me know!

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    I would agree with this... because yes ovulation comes first and if you are sexually active even before your can happen!
      My first period was at 12 or 13 then never again until 16 when I first had intercourse. That is when my monthly periods became consistent - only after I miscarried. I have a strong feeling I was pregnant at 16 then miscarried shortly after. I had the typical pregnancy signs and symptoms, and what I thought was a very heavy period that lasted a week and a half.

      I definitely think you can get pregnant with the absence of a period.
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