For some reason I passed out just a little after 9 last night. I talked to my hubby on Facebook about 8:30 8:45ish last night before he went into work, then went to lay on the couch (I sleep on the couch when he is out of town. Feel more safe to me that way) turned off the tv little before 9 and guess passed out pretty quick. Got up and used the bathroom and changed Ashley sometime durning the night and went back to sleep. Next thing I know it is 6:15 in the morning. Guess I was really tired and worn out.

Talked to my Hubby (Kris) this morning for a bit. We were just about to get off the phone with each other and Ashley started to fuss and cry (which is rear for her at 6:45 7ish in the morning). Went to go change her again, told her I just talked to daddy and layed her back in bed. Think I have heard her once or twice since I put her back to bed.

So I went to take a shower, warmed up a cup of coffee, and sitting outside while it is still cool enough out to relax before I get my little girl out of bed till nap time. Thinking about going up to the thrift store for a bit. Plus gotta clean up the house a bit more before my hubby gets home sometime tomorrow.

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